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Back Roads Mandolin Vol 2 Book - mandolin book $20

Back Roads Mandolin Vol. 2 is my second book of original mandolin compositions. There are 32 tunes in standard notation and tablature and a CD with melodies to the pieces.                                                                                                        

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Songs included are most of my originals from the last 5 CD's including: Baldassari, Glenshane Pass, Circle of Chiefs, My Dear Mother's Waltz, Blue Grass Time.Back Roads Mandolin Vol. 2 Book .

Price: $20 includes shipping with the USA 

$20.00 including shipping to

Buddy Merriam

PO Box 862

Sound Beach,NY 11789

The Farm - CD $15

Back Roads Mandolin Vol. 1 Book - Book Volume 1


Back Roads Mandolin Book   

30 original compositions by Buddy Merriam

with notation and TAB

transcribed by Lou Martin

Photos from Buddy's private collection

Buy direct from the artist and get your copy signed!


sign copy to


Buddy's first book of his original mandolin music.

Back Roads Mandolin - CD



Back Roads Mandolin

14 original tunes by Buddy Merriam (2009)


 graphics & artwork by Rafael DeSoto of 


Live at the Vail-Leavitt Music Hall 2005 - CD

leavitt.jpg Buddy Merriam's 25th Anniversary Show-LIVE! 

Buddy's "Josh & Cody", "Mason's Restaurant",

"Back Roads Breakdown", "Mr. Somers"

Jerry Oland~banjo, Bob Harris~guitar, GaryOleyar~fiddle,

and the unstoppable Ernie Sykes singing "These Hands" 

with special guests Kathy DeVine and Lucy Clark!


MP3's - digital downloads

Acoustic American Music-2002 - CD


Recorded Live Buddy Merriam & Friends

Ernie Sykes Sr., Leslie Mendleson, Jack Licitra,

The Falco Brothers , Jerry Oland


It's Blue Grass Time 1998 - CD

Its_Bluegrass_Time_resized.JPGBuddy Merriam's originals "Blue Grass Time, "Laurie's Waltz", "Shake and a Howdy", "There's Something You Should Know"

Andy Falco~guitar, Chris Malloy~guitar & vocals, Jerry Oland~banjo,              Pat Falco~bass & Ron Feinberg~fiddle                                                             

 Cadillac Car, Blackmail Your Heart, Convict's Fate, I'm Afraid My Darlin's Gone, Blue Yodel #4, Letter From Your Son, Body & Soul, Bish Bash Splash, & Bergold's Farm  


Mystery Train 1994 - CD

Buddy Merriam's mysterytrain.jpgShinnecock, Monroe Special, Spirit of a Dancer, Outer Bridge Crossing

Dixie Bound, My Blue Eyes From Heaven, Rain and Snow, One Way Track, Cindy, Mystery Train, I've Just Seen a Face, Riding on Those Rubber Wheels

With lead vocals by Brian Spradlin!